Mr.Five Mualimm-Ak

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Dual Loyalty

Its Hard for me to comprehend how professional care providers can stand aside while the health risk that is called incarceration still exists . i struggle with my own issues on a daily basis , walking around with these scars that will never heal, never fade, there is is a turning point and i'm way beyond that.  but this is'nt about me i just reflect on what i go through in comparison to those sworn to protect those who are in need in mental health. once incarcerated your expected to "shake off " whatever your human conditions are, the silent witnesses to these often tragic stories of peoples lives lost & destroyed, say to say are the mental health professionals duly sworn to service in the best interest of the human patients the serve. 


Now you see i have to constantly say " human beings" because once indoctrinated into the prison industrial complex you no longer serve humankind your job comes second to security , and control becomes the perimeter your powers to assist may go.

in my work i'm constantly in that room that health professionals tell me they are challenged by the concept of dual loyalty. let me explain, its a routine that mental health professionals sign a waiver and consent for people to be placed into solitary confinement , knowing that person according to the numbers , will be their client in a few years often months. this is beyond me the notion to still allow something that is in direct contrast to your work to exist and to break that oath each and every day is insane . the true definition is to try to achieve the same goal the same way and not learn from this same outcome. 

and they say were the crazy ones...