Mr.Five Mualimm-Ak

#WEmakeCHANGE ...Capital "WE CHANGE"

working with our student leaders at columbiauniversity and  interns from the INC alternative to incarceration program with CASESNY INC produces publications by those dirctly impacted 

Watch the 2016 production with award winning journalist Bill moyers and producer brian stevenson as the voices of those directly impacted are lifted in this powerful testimony of the worst jail in america and a growing model o human abuse . rikers island leads the world in incarcerating citizens at historical rates . this production is a first of its kind done stickly from those directly impacted

Since I've been home, i have been blessed to have done a many great things, seen a lot . Made some new comrades and realized that the collateral consequences of incarceration linger for a lifetime , like an anvil floating over your head at any moment ready to crush your existence. 
I believe greatness and great things come at the sacrifice of dedication , often a leaders life , this work becomes a lifestyle ,..  to me that's community. 
I firmly believe that we , those directly impacted by incarceration are a nation within a nation . there are over 320, million Americans nearly 1/3 live post incarcerated & my duty has been to dismantle the PIC system while creating Unity . if that does'n't make it hard enough im a 6 ft Bald Black Man , Jewish and disenfranchised through mass incarceration. woke as fuck , and my confidence fills a room ,often causing people to be instantly defensive.

its been a few years now and i have achieved more then a fair share, i live with a condition that will never allow me to have a calm , peaceful ,existence but post incarcerated leaders strive on to Make change .

But above all i have come to the realization that if We Do Not Do It No One Will . #WEmakeCHANGE  
 Here's a Few Images of Since One Of Us Came Home