Mr.Five Mualimm-Ak

#WEmakeCHANGE ...Capital "WE CHANGE"

Since I've been home, i have been blessed to have done a many great things, seen a lot . Made some new comrades and realized that the collateral consequences of incarceration linger for a lifetime , like an anvil floating over your head at any moment ready to crush your existence. 
I believe greatness and great things come at the sacrifice of dedication , often a leaders life , this work becomes a lifestyle ,..  to me that's community. 
I firmly believe that we , those directly impacted by incarceration are a nation within a nation . there are over 320, million Americans nearly 1/3 live post incarcerated & my duty has been to dismantle the PIC system while creating Unity . if that does'n't make it hard enough im a 6 ft Bald Black Man , Jewish and disenfranchised through mass incarceration. woke as fuck , and my confidence fills a room ,often causing people to be instantly defensive.

its been a few years now and i have achieved more then a fair share, i live with a condition that will never allow me to have a calm , peaceful ,existence but post incarcerated leaders strive on to Make change .

But above all i have come to the realization that if We Do Not Do It No One Will . #WEmakeCHANGE  
 Here's a Few Images of Since One Of Us Came Home