Mr.Five Mualimm-Ak

#WEmakeCHANGE ...Capital "WE CHANGE"

Human Rights Defender- - Mental Health Advocate -  Producer- - Writer - Consultant -

Photo Credit : Benedict Evans

-Father - activist - human rights defender-

Since his return to society, Human Rights and Mental Health Advocate Five Mualimm-ak works Nationally to End state funded torture and the prison industrial complex.. He is an integral member of national legislative groups and coalitions working for human rights. 

 Five is  the CO-Founder of Incarcerated Nation Corp, a collective of post incarcerated project leaders that serve those incarcerated, previously incarcerated & their families. As a unified and visible voice, INC educates the public through meaningful educational projects that expose the conditions of confinement for millions of incarcerated people as . Five is a national organizer that works with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, T’ruah, the Anti-Torture Initiative of the United Nations and the ACLU. Five is Board member of  Student Alliance for Prison Reform , a  national network of students and student organizations with a mission of supporting initiatives to bring about change in the US criminal justice. 


 Whether it's consulting ,educational  events or Film /media production Mr Five Mualimm-Ak has played a role in films that educate on Human Rights , documentaries, plays & TV segments that reveal the collateral consequences of incarceration & the perpetual punishment of those who survive  incarceration & struggle to thrive post incarcerated.

The Incarcerated Nation Corporation continues to work collectively as a union of post incarcerated leaders creating projects & productions that serve those incarcerated, previously incarcerated & their families. 
Through a national network of allies and organizations Mr. Five today works to advocate for those directly impacted , creating mentorship programs that help youth stay out of correctional settings. The Kalief Browder Foundation was Founded by Akeem Browder in a vision that embodied all things that impacts young men of color each day